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Endo Visits

September 17, 2009

Today, I had my quarterly appointment with my amazing endocrinologist, Dr. Carrie Burns (of the Penn Rodebaugh Diabetes Center). I was excited to show her my CGM results and Kevin spreadsheet. We ended up tweaking some basal rates to tighten up control. Okay, not exactly rocket science, but it was good being able to see what was needed when, rather than playing a guessing game.

I also got my blood drawn for the good ol’ A1C. Side note: the lab tech was good; it only took her one poke! I’m curious to see what my A1C is like; since the last visit with Dr. Burns, we’ve worked on cutting out the crazy lows. I’m fully expecting it to go up (I had a 6.9 last time), but she said “I’d rather have you at a stable 7.2 than a crazy 6.9 any day.” Ditto! Now to work on the postprandial spikes.

We also touched on the topic of preparing for pregnancy, as the CGM is my first step in all this. Thankfully, Chris and I have three years before all this, but it’s never too early to prepare. I need to start tightening up (and I mean REALLY tightening up; none of this “holy crap my bg is 268 an hour after a meal, but let me to do a super bolus and be low an hour later”).

Oh, and here’s an interesting twist in my Ping vs. OmniPod decision: an hour before my appointment, I had a few units left in my pod and decided to change it. Well, it errored out during priming…with 200 units in there! UGH. That’s the second time in less than a month that happened. Again, I don’t mind losing a pod, as Insulet is very good at replacing them, but losing that much insulin hurts. Dr. Burns was on board with my switching over to the Ping, so hopefully that paperwork will get rolling very soon.

All in all, I love visiting my endo. I never feel judged, no matter how whack my numbers have been. That kind of doctor-patient relationship is priceless.