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Bolus worthy

July 21, 2010

Last night, I went to dinner at Jose Garces’ fairly new restaurant in Center City Philadelphia called Garces Trading Company. If you guys keep up with food news, you’ll know that he’s Iron Chef. We ate here a few weeks after it first opened, and the food is delightful, though a tad expensive. We also had the pleasure of meeting Chef Garces and getting a photo with him! SUPER nice guy, btw.

One of the things I remember the most was their macarons…but it wasn’t for a good reason. The white chocolate mint one tasted like toothpaste (and had nearly the same consistency), while the salted caramel macaron was unbelievably sweet.

Last night, however, I decided to give it another go, plus they had new flavors. I’m pretty sure they have new flavors every few days, if not every day, and white chocolate pistachio and caramel buttercream macarons sounded very appealing to me (though not my  blood sugar…but I shut that one up with an extra bolus, heh).

Flavors were SPOT ON. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and each bite we took was heavenly. Chris and I ended up buying a dozen.

Totally bolus worthy.


You Know You Have Diabetes When…

September 24, 2009
I wrote this back on April 12. Kerri‘s post today made me remember! Amy from Diabetes Mine had a fun one as well.
inspired by a thread on TuDiabetes

  • you think the Wilford Brimley lolcat is hilarious but no one else gets it.
  • you say you need to take a shot and your friend says, “COOL! I’ll take one with you!” (sorry dude, you’d probably die).
  • you let your friends practice giving you shots.
  • you have so many medical supplies (alcohol swabs, lancets, band-aids, etc) that the people in your dorm go to your room before they even go to the drugstore (lancets are awesome for removing splinters, btw).
  • you educate your family & friends on the difference between “no sugar added” and “sugar free.”
  • you get excited when you go to a new restaurant and they have more diet drinks than regular drinks (this was today!).
  • your friends/coworkers tell you excitedly when they meet other type 1’s.
  • you can drive down the freeway at night, test your bg, draw insulin, and inject (before I went on the pump).
  • something electronic beeps and you freak out, thinking your pod is malfunctioning.
  • you’re looking for articles in medical journals about Alzheimer’s but instead read the ones about diabetes (and find them more interesting).
  • [this one courtesy of Chris] when you lecture your husband’s pharmacy classmates about type 1 diabetes better than the professor.
  • you find test strips all over the place.
  • sometimes it hurts to play Guitar Hero because your fingers are sore from testing.
  • peeing on a stick isn’t about a pregnancy test.
  • even though you’re on an insulin pump, you inject before a meal so you don’t waste those last few units.
  • you think regular soda tastes NASTY.
  • your purse nearly qualifies as carry-on luggage.
  • you open your purse/supply kit and your backup syringes come flying out.
  • you say you need to “shoot up” because you’re “high” and people give you weird looks.
  • you remind your husband not to drink all the Capri Sun in the house (“I may go low in the middle of the night!”).
  • your parents ask “how are you doing?” and you know they really mean “how is your blood sugar?”
  • you wake up at 3am with a bg of 45 and you log onto TuDiabetes as you wait for your bg to go back up.
  • small purses make you sad because none of your supplies will fit in it.
  • you use a Coach makeup bag as your supply bag because it’s just so darn cute. ;)