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Diabetes bling

September 18, 2010

The other week, I was crawling all over Google to find a piece of jewelry that I could tailor into medical alert jewelry. I’d been wanting one of those Tiffany bracelets with the chunky links and the heart tag, but what bugged me the most about a bracelet was that it gets in the way of…well, my entire day. I have a desk job, so something clanging and clinking against my keyboard all day long would just about drive me nuts.

If I’m going to wear something all day long, every single day, it better look good. I found a ton of sites that had customizable jewelry, but nothing really stood out to me. I wanted something bold but discreet at the same time.

Finally, I hit the jackpot with My Flying Star, a San Francisco-based company (hey, Chris’ hometown!) that makes custom medical alert jewelry, and absolutely fell in love with the Red Big Dipper. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for, a big red circle about the size of a quarter, with a steel Star of Life. Any normal person would just think it’s a red circle with a silver star, but this could save my life in an emergency.

The back of the pendant boldly displays that I have type 1 diabetes and wear an insulin pump. This is definitely a far cry from the thin, hard-to-read script on my old bracelet.

Aside from the beautiful jewelry, the thing I really appreciated about My Flying Star was its owner, Elizabeth. My necklace shipped out faster than I thought it would, but for some reason, USPS failed with matching the address on the package to my work address. They marked the package as “unable to deliver” and left a notice…only that notice was apparently left at someone else’s door, because my workplace never received one. Elizabeth followed up with me; she had been checking the outstanding tracking numbers and noticed this with my order. Customer service is a huge part of any company, and reaching out to someone (before they call you about a problem) wins major points.

P.S. If you guys are wondering about that blue bracelet in my pile of daily jewelry, it’s the JDRF Who’s Your Link? bracelet. Thanks Sarah for letting everyone know about it!