D Art Day!

September 1, 2010

Today is Diabetes Art Day! While I have to make this a quick post, since I’ll be leaving on a jet plane for my home state of California in the next few hours and I still need to finish up packing, I wanted to thank Lee Ann for spearheading this.

Art is not one of my strong points, and inspiration tends to hit me at random times. I’ve been in a dry rut ever since I found out about D Art Day, so I decided to cheat and use something I took back in March. Photography counts as art, right?!

I call this one “Keeping the Balance.” It’s dedicated to those days you’re chasing highs and lows, trying to find that happy medium between crashing lows and annoying highs. I had just been treating a low (funny how a childhood favorite is now something I turn to when I barely have any energy to move), and while I was waiting for the juice to kick in, I decided to clean out my meter case. Dumped all the test strips into the trash can. A few minutes later, I looked down and had to laugh at the irony. Bonus points for the flavor; reminds me of California ;)

So there it is, my lame contribution to D Art Day. Not that it only lasts a day, because I tend to look for the beauty in something as ugly as this disease every single day.



  1. We all try to keep it balanced but it can be frustrating sometimes:) Capri sun please)

  2. Natural. Art at its best. Love that flavor, too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Not lame at all…makes complete sense and is totally honest. :)

  4. Don’t call it lame! It’s a great photo, and you’re more dedicated than I am if you stop in the middle of getting ready for a trip to post a photo and write a blog. And yes, photos are art, so I’m glad you contributed “Keeping the Balance” to Diabetes Art Day, and helped make it a community-wide event. Thank you!

  5. Hi Faye,

    I wanted to let you know that you won the raffle for the No Sugar Added Poetry book, so congratulation :)
    If you’d like to accept the prize, I’ll need your mailing address. If you’d rather I draw another name, just send me an email and let me know.
    leeann at thebuttercompartment dot com

    Thanks again for participating in #DArtDay!

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