Team Bump

July 27, 2010

(Inspired by Kerri’s post on dLife the other day)

Who’s on Team Bump? Well, from a medical standpoint, there is my dear endocrinologist, Dr. Burns, who is seriously one of the best I’ve had. She reminds me of my endo when I was first diagnosed, Dr. Jones: comfortable to talk to, not judgmental, and totally helpful with the ups and downs of the disease. Dr. Burns is always asking me when Chris and I are ready for kids, and pretty soon, I’ll be replying with a hearty “Now!”

Another person on the team is my optometrist. While this may sound a little weird because I should be seeing an ophthalmologist (and I am; two even), she is the one who actually caught the cotton-wool spot in my eye a few months ago. Apparently it was nothing to worry about, but it was enough to get me to see a retina specialist just to make sure everything was a-ok. My first appointment freaked me out, though, because it ended up having me hustle up three floors in the hospital to see a neuro-ophthalmologist. The retina specialist saw the cotton-wool spot but was more concerned about seeing my optical nerves swollen, which is why he rushed me up there. An MRI clarified that my optical nerves were not swollen; I was born that way (fat nerves, I guess).

I also have a gynecologist for the annual examination of my lady parts, as well as a dentist I see twice a year (we make it a point to fly out to San Diego twice a year to see him).

In addition to my medical team, who I see every few months here and again, there’s the team that supports me in my day-to-day activities. My husband, obviously, because he is there sharing my latest A1C and helping me through lows. Did I mention he brings packets of CapriSun when he picks me up at the train station because he knows I more often than not go low after work? What a guy. :)

Before him, it was my parents, and still is. My parents live in Japan, and we talk every day, and they always, always make sure to ask, “How are you doing?” (translation: how’s your blood sugar?). I update them after every doctor’s appointment and get Chris to jump in with explanations if necessary. Chris’ mom also takes an interest in my health; we also update her after doctor’s appointments and remind her that she should, God willing, have healthy, happy grandbabies in the near future.

Of course, there are other friends who take the time to try and learn about this other friend I’m living with. I love that they don’t assume and make ridiculous comments about things they’ve seen in movies or heard on tv, and I’m happy to be part of the education process, even if it’s only for a small number of people.

So, that’s my team…and I leave you all with this, which was my fortune the other day:


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