Endo visit, spring 2010

June 13, 2010

I paid my endo a visit this past Friday, and the visit went well as usual. We did some tweaking to my basal rates, since I’ve been experiencing this weird spike around 9am and drops around 4pm. I joked and said I go high in the morning from the stress of going to work and low in the afternoon because I’m about to leave work.

So far, so good on the basal changes. Yesterday was just a strange day in general, with my blood sugar bouncing all over the place for no apparent reason. I bolused and drank juice more times than I care to count. Felt like I was chasing a crazy toddler all day and night.

On the A1C front, I’m not sure how I’ll be doing this time around. The last one I posted had me at 6.5, but that was a while ago. Since then I hit the magical 6.0, but in March of this year I was up at 6.2. Bummer, but my doc said I’m doing well. Looking at CGM graphs always freaks me out because of those unexplainable spikes, but hopefully everything will even out.

To end on a happier note, here’s a picture of two things that make me happy: diet Snapple and the DexCom. :)


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