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The incredible beeping pod

May 21, 2010

Today, the strangest thing happened. My coworker, Steph, walked into my office, and we chatted for a bit. Suddenly, a familiar high-pitched beeping noise penetrated the air.


“Holy crap, what is that?!”

“It’s my pod.”

I ripped it off, turned on my PDM to shut it off, and was surprised to see that the PDM wasn’t recognizing the pod. It kept saying “pod status unavailable.” What the heck? This has never happened before…usually a message will pop up saying there was a pod error (or occlusion).

After 10 minutes of trying to stick in a paper clip in the hole at the top of the pod, slamming it on the desk, and stomping on it, Steph and I ended its life by prying it open with a pen and a dollar coin. (The PDM then had the nerve to tell me, after all this trouble, that there was a pod error.)

Steph majored in engineering in college, so she didn’t stop there: she pried off the circuit board because she wanted to see how the thing worked. And of course she snapped a picture to post on Facebook, although I shouldn’t mention that her caption included the words “fill the canister,” “vodka,” and an idea about sticking it on someone. I’ll leave that one to your imagination. ;)

RIP, you crazy piece of diabetes technology. You and your obnoxious beeping won’t be missed.