You Know You Have Diabetes When…

September 24, 2009
I wrote this back on April 12. Kerri‘s post today made me remember! Amy from Diabetes Mine had a fun one as well.
inspired by a thread on TuDiabetes

  • you think the Wilford Brimley lolcat is hilarious but no one else gets it.
  • you say you need to take a shot and your friend says, “COOL! I’ll take one with you!” (sorry dude, you’d probably die).
  • you let your friends practice giving you shots.
  • you have so many medical supplies (alcohol swabs, lancets, band-aids, etc) that the people in your dorm go to your room before they even go to the drugstore (lancets are awesome for removing splinters, btw).
  • you educate your family & friends on the difference between “no sugar added” and “sugar free.”
  • you get excited when you go to a new restaurant and they have more diet drinks than regular drinks (this was today!).
  • your friends/coworkers tell you excitedly when they meet other type 1’s.
  • you can drive down the freeway at night, test your bg, draw insulin, and inject (before I went on the pump).
  • something electronic beeps and you freak out, thinking your pod is malfunctioning.
  • you’re looking for articles in medical journals about Alzheimer’s but instead read the ones about diabetes (and find them more interesting).
  • [this one courtesy of Chris] when you lecture your husband’s pharmacy classmates about type 1 diabetes better than the professor.
  • you find test strips all over the place.
  • sometimes it hurts to play Guitar Hero because your fingers are sore from testing.
  • peeing on a stick isn’t about a pregnancy test.
  • even though you’re on an insulin pump, you inject before a meal so you don’t waste those last few units.
  • you think regular soda tastes NASTY.
  • your purse nearly qualifies as carry-on luggage.
  • you open your purse/supply kit and your backup syringes come flying out.
  • you say you need to “shoot up” because you’re “high” and people give you weird looks.
  • you remind your husband not to drink all the Capri Sun in the house (“I may go low in the middle of the night!”).
  • your parents ask “how are you doing?” and you know they really mean “how is your blood sugar?”
  • you wake up at 3am with a bg of 45 and you log onto TuDiabetes as you wait for your bg to go back up.
  • small purses make you sad because none of your supplies will fit in it.
  • you use a Coach makeup bag as your supply bag because it’s just so darn cute. ;)

One comment

  1. You leave unopened juiceboxes under your bed or in your side table drawer for those middle of the night lows ;)

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