Hyper Aware

September 4, 2009

2009_09_04Ever since I started using Dex (it’ll be a week tomorrow evening, yay!), I’ve become hyper aware of what’s going on. Before, when I used to test four, six, ten plus times a day, I wouldn’t be able to see what’s going on in between these tests. Sometimes I’d eat lunch at noon, get busy with work, and test again at 4pm or so. Of course, at 4pm, my bg would be somewhere around 120, and I’d think, Woohoo, I’m totally in the zone! What I didn’t see was that my levels would skyrocket to close to 300 about an hour and a half to two hours postprandial…like they are right now. I’d like to see more (and more and MORE) of this.

Now, with my trusty spycam DexCom, I’m seeing the bigger, more detailed picture. Just because my numbers look good when I do a fingerstick does not mean everything is okay. Without Dex, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that I was hovering around 200 from about 1am to 7:30am. Without Dex, I couldn’t see that I was WAY up there after what I thought was a decent lunch.

Right now, I’m 264 and holding steady. What I want is to be 164 and holding steady, or at least 264 going down! So frustrating. I’m definitely going to make some major tweaks in my diet.


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