Diabetes Equipment Fail

September 3, 2009

Eeks. I woke up a few minutes ago feeling completely sick. I grabbed my DexCom off the headboard, only to find ??? staring back at me.

“DOH!” I leaped up from bed and practically ran to my meter as fast as my sluggish body would let me. Something definitely did not feel right.

I clocked in at a whopping 361.

I gave myself a bolus, and, on a hunch, felt around my pod (on the adhesive part that sticks out) for any leaks. BINGO. A pod changed revealed that my OmniPod (which I had changed about 3 hours prior to this fiasco) had a bent cannula and thus wasn’t giving me my basal insulin properly.

But the kicker was that somehow Dex’s receiver lost communication with the transmitter as I was asleep, thus not alerting me even when I reached 200.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can prevent this from happening? Obviously I won’t know about the bent cannula until my bg rises with no explanation, but how about preventing the lost communication between the receiver and the transmitter? I currently have the sensor on my lower back, but I sleep on my stomach, so there is really nothing in the way except my shirt and blanket.

I’m totally blaming diabetes for this one.


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